10 Reasons You Should Bring Your Toddler in to the Kitchen

Get those tiny feet in the kitchen!

And here’s why! You’ll be hearing a lot more from me about this topic. I mean, you always have I know, but now with Cyma entering toddler-hood and joining our kitchen forces, let’s remember all the important reasons it is so worth it to invite the littlest littles into the very exciting kitchen world!

Here is a summary of my favorite reasons, demonstrated in the video by Simsom as she makes herself her first oatmeal breakfast the week she turned one and got her kitchen tower. Expect a lot more #simsominthekitchen stuff coming your way is all I’ll say!

For ideas on what ways your your little toddler (12-24months) can be involved in the kitchen, check out this post: 8 Things Your Little Toddler Can Do in the Kitchen


1. Plenty of opportunities for practicing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in a fun way

2. Promotes communication skills and language development

3. A complete sensory experience, stimulating all the senses! Living new experiences with fascinating new materials, textures, smells in the wide world of ingredients

4. Practicing following simple instructions

5. Helps prevent picky eating, as working with ingredients encourages tasting them, working with & tasting ingredients provides flavor & texture exposure, which in turn leads to happier & more brave eaters.

6. 2in1: Space to explore and learn through play while you get actual cooking down, stimulating learning experience for baby/cooking done for mama!

7. Enforcing the notion and habit of helping around the house

8. Promoting autonomy and self-confidence

9. Giving our babies the message that they are capable!

10. Last but not least, the pride and feeling of achievement from eating what you made!