Raya Haidar

We struggled when we introduced solids to our baby. We tried following what we usually know is the way to go by introducing purees and feeding her ourselves. It didn’t feel right! She wasn’t enjoying being fed and we were getting frustrated when she wasn’t eating. I came across Rana’s page, understood more about BLW and started following her tips. I saw the immediate change in her eating “habits”. I decided to learn more about BLW and booked the consultation with Rana. The session was very helpful in explaining BLW, why it is useful, the benefits to child and parents and how easy it is! The session gave me the push I needed to try BLW fully and I felt more confident post the session to do so. Now, we share our meals with our baby, it is an enjoyable time for everyone and we no longer worry about what to feed her as she eats what we are having. I definitely recommend her sessions to parents interested in trying this approach. Thank you Rana!

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