Nada Saliba

The session was not rushed at all and you took your time in explaining the fundamentals of BLW and happily answered my questions. I felt welcomed by you to address any issues regarding BLW that I needed to know more about. I got out of the session feeling much more confident to further proceed and embark on a BLW journey with baby Ray.
– The highlight was you! Yes YOU! It was very refreshing to receive this “training” from someone I consider highly credible and obviously very passionate and very well versed in the field of BLW! This in and of itself was the reason I booked with you and why I feel the session benefited me.
– The session further confirmed what I knew all along about wanting to go down the BLW route.
– I was mostly concerned about gagging/choking and you managed to dissipate my fears in that regard. You empowered me with some tips and tricks on how to handle gagging and what to look out for in the rare case it happened to be a case of choking.

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