How to Steam Without a Steamer

Kitchen Hacks: How to Steam without a Steamer

About this series: when I first started off in the kitchen, around 7years ago 😅, everything seemed challenging! Knowing me, you know I like/need things in my life be to practical & effective.. and for every little thing in the kitchen I thought: there must be a better way to do it! And so I would look for that better way, and adopt it.. in this series, I will share with you some of the most basic kitchen hacks, and things that’ll make your cooking experience easier & happier!

There is no question too silly! Is there something specific you’d like a tutorial on? Drop me your requests in the comments..will consider them for upcoming videos.

Let’s Steam!

They always tell us steaming is the best cooking method in terms of preserving nutrients in food, and that is why baby food machines steam. But you don’t need a baby food machine nor a steamer pot to steam! You’ve got all you need in your kitchen right now. Check out how in the video.

*P.S1: You also don’t need a baby food machine or a blender to prep food for baby, just saying 😉

**P.S2: Watch till the end.. a little foodie jumped in the pic to help me wrap up.