Nada Saliba

Rana having followed you (and Cyma) for almost a year now, I feel it has helped me decide on a baby led weaning journey fo rmy baby boy when he reached 6 months in  June. One thing that stands out to me from observing Cyma is the reward after months and months of perseverance when she can confidently drink from a cup with little to no spillage and finally eating with little mess. But it takes patience and it also helps when the parent tried to enjoy watching baby as they *independently* discover for the first time the world and pleasures of food and its textures and smells. This brings me to the very important lesson a baby can learn from this and that is being independent and taking initiative. Honestly and truly, I don’t think I would’ve decided on taking this route had you not shared Cyma’s dailies. Thank you baby girl ❤️ I also love you guys so much. You, Cyma and Theo ❤️