Out of Milk? Make some in 1 Minute!


When I discovered this hack I was overjoyed! It has saved me on many occasions.. so paying it forward to you guy 🙂


All you need is some nut butter and some water, and 1 minute in a blender! You can use any nut butter you have. I mostly use almond butter for this but peanut works just as well! I also usually get mine 100% nuts with no additives or sweeteners so 1. Baby can have it too, 2. I add the sweeteners I like 3. Can use them in savory dishes too..


It is also very easy to make your own nut butters, as easy as blending roasted nuts or seeds in a food processor until creamy.. I have a highlight on my Instagram page showing the magical-to-watch transformation!


See a dollop of nut-butter turn into creamy milk in an instant in this video right here: