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Looking for a well-curated summary of the principles of the popular (for a good reason!) baby-led feeding approach, the practical tools that’ll make you and your baby’s experience successful, and a comprehensive check-list of all the little things that contribute to growing a happy healthy eater all in one place? This is it!

Let’s ditch the theoretical advice and the over-complicated meal plans and schedules that only stress us and make us lose sight of one of the most important building block for a happy healthy eater: a positive relationship with food and with you at the table! This course is designed to set you off on the best and simplest track for an enjoyable successful food journey! Scroll down for the details.

Upcoming workshop: April 6, 11am Beirut time, recorded!

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This course is about the parenting approach to introducing solids in a way that puts your baby in the lead, and focuses on building a positive relationship with food and a trust-based relationship with you at the table, which will create the strongest base for a happy healthy relationship with eating for the rest of their childhood and beyond!

It offers you a holistic scope of information combining all you need to know in terms of baby-nutrition, plus the parenting approach for success.

Presented by Rana Abou Salman & Hala Sahili

Who is this course for?

  • Interested in the BLW approach and its benefits, but not quiet sure what it is & how to adopt it?
  • Confused about the contradictory recommendations on when, how, and with what to start?
  • Worried about how to handle the mess, the gagging, how to offer foods safely etc.. ?
  • You’ve started on your journey but things aren’t going great? Not sure how to transition to textured foods?
  • Not comfortable with the idea of finger foods from the first day, but still want all the benefits of a baby-led approach?
  • Want practical tips that work in real life to manage the challenges of daily life?
  • Want all the big things and little things that really make a difference in your child’s experience summed up in one place?

You are in the right place!

Baby-led weaning (BLW) in the simplest form is about offering your baby once ready for solids real foods, the same or slightly modified foods that the rest of the family eats, from the very beginning, and allow baby to be in charge of feeding themselves and deciding how much to eat.

This approach isn’t really new, it’s how baby humans ate long before recent history brought special baby food products, and turned it into a full industry along with the image of parents holding spoonfuls of them and trying to helicopter them into the mouths of babies. However, the term BLW was coined relatively recently, and with it the baby-led approach started growing greatly in popularity again in recent years because of all that we know now about its positive effects, specifically in terms of raising happy eaters who enjoy food in our world where picky eating in kids and eating disorders in adults are alarmingly common.

Because of how we grow up thinking of the idea of feeding babies (liquid like purées for several months, bland one-ingredient foods repeated for several days, feeding and quantities controlled by the parent etc..), placing baby in the lead with real foods can understandably cause some hesitation. But knowledge (and a supportive community!) is power!

This session will provide you with all the information and tools you need to set you & your baby up for a happy, successful, stress-free baby led feeding journey. But more than that, it will provide you with what is often lacking from the information available out there on baby feeding and which plays a huge role in raising happy eaters.. and that is our role as parents! The relationship we build at the table that will actually get them eating all the things we want them to eat, not just now, but on the longer run, and help them grow into adventurous happy eaters with a positive healthy relationship with food!

You’ll also be joining a community of like-minded moms so you’ll also be getting the emotional support & companionship on your journey.

  1. The main principles behind a baby-led approach, and things that really matters
  2. How to follow a baby-led approach even with purées and spoon-feeding
  3. The latest official recommendations from child health organizations
  4. When to start and with what, and all the nutritional requirements you need to know
  5. The safety checklist that’ll keep your mind at ease
  6. All you need to know about gagging
  7. How to serve all types of foods, through visual examples
  8. Meal progression guides and schedules per age
  9. Check-list of all the little things that make a difference in baby’s experience, from the tools to the environment
  10. The 4 golden rules that will help you avoid picky-eating later

*Everything nutrition-related is presented by Hala Sahili, Pediatric Nutritionist and Lactation Consultant.

When: Saturday the 6th of April at 11am Beirut/ 12pm Dubai

Where: Live online workshop via Zoom

How long: The workshop is for 2-2.5hrs, including interactive Q&A

Will it be recorded? YES! The whole thing will be recorded if the time isn’t perfect for you & will be available for replay for 2 weeks.

You will receive access to all the following valuable resources:

♥ BLW Guide A comprehensive pdf guide with all the most important information so you’ll have it as a reference forever!

♥ Session Recording To come back and watch it as many times as you need, available for a month.

♥ The High Chair Guide

♥ The Little Things That Can Make a Big Difference Guide

♥ Feeding Products Recommendations Video

♥ Trouble-shooting Check-list

♥ Responsive Spoon-feeding – Video Guide

♥ How to teach baby to use utensils – Video Guide

♥ Community Support You will automatically be added to a watsapp support group, so you and like-minded moms have a safe place to share experiences, ask your questions, and find support! Your own little baby-feeding mama tribe 😉

Some feedback from parents just like you about their experience with us

This was the best workshop I participated in so far. Very informative and structured and it actually contains a lot of real life scenarios and tweaks we can apply to our routines that ACTUALLY make a huge difference. I really enjoyed Rana’s way of delivering her content and answering our questions : very calm, confident and non judgemental.


Okay maybe I have so so so much to say, first of all you’ve fixed my baby’s relationship with food. You’ve given me so much support. You released all the stress I had concerning eating. You were always here to answer me and give me all the tips with much love and care. Let me tell you that your page is the only one on my new insta favorite list. Your recipes never fail, your tips and advice never fail, you are so realistic and never pretend to be perfect. I wait for your stories every single day because you and your family draw the smile on my face 🌹keep going❤

Joanna Ajaj

Where to first gave me plenty of meal ideas, (MY FAV basic pancakes), u helped me enjoy mealtimes after being very stressful, helped my baby have a positive relation with food. I followed all your tips on BLW and my baby eats independently now shes 1.

Nour Soueid

We struggled when we introduced solids to our baby. We tried following what we usually know is the way to go by introducing purees and feeding her ourselves. It didn’t feel right! She wasn’t enjoying being fed and we were getting frustrated when she wasn’t eating. I came across Rana’s page, understood more about BLW and started following her tips. I saw the immediate change in her eating “habits”. I decided to learn more about BLW and booked the consultation with Rana. The session was very helpful in explaining BLW, why it is useful, the benefits to child and parents and how easy it is! The session gave me the push I needed to try BLW fully and I felt more confident post the session to do so. Now, we share our meals with our baby, it is an enjoyable time for everyone and we no longer worry about what to feed her as she eats what we are having. I definitely recommend her sessions to parents interested in trying this approach. Thank you Rana!

Raya Haidar

This workshop changed my perspective on BLW. I now understand that is is not just about offering finger foods it’s a whole experience. Rana made the information easy to understand and provided many examples and also backed her information with research and the help of a pediatric nutritionist.


The session was not rushed at all and you took your time in explaining the fundamentals of BLW and happily answered my questions. I felt welcomed by you to address any issues regarding BLW that I needed to know more about. I got out of the session feeling much more confident to further proceed and embark on a BLW journey with baby Ray.
– The highlight was you! Yes YOU! It was very refreshing to receive this “training” from someone I consider highly credible and obviously very passionate and very well versed in the field of BLW! This in and of itself was the reason I booked with you and why I feel the session benefited me.
– The session further confirmed what I knew all along about wanting to go down the BLW route.
– I was mostly concerned about gagging/choking and you managed to dissipate my fears in that regard. You empowered me with some tips and tricks on how to handle gagging and what to look out for in the rare case it happened to be a case of choking.

Nada Saliba

One of the best workshops I attended, very helpful and interesting, thank you Rana for all the information.

Dima A.

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