Raising Healthy Happy Eaters | How to Talk about Sugar


Conscious about raising kids who eat healthy but also keep hearing that restricting certain foods & labeling foods as good/bad or healthy/not healthy isn’t such a good idea… and wondering how the heck can you balance the two? This workshop is for you!

It is very tricky business, I know, to educate kids on what healthy eating habits without creating negative associations that will very likely backfire with the exact habits we are tying to avoid. It is a big source of stress & guilt for many parents, but it doesn’t have to be!

Join me for a live online workshop that will provide you with your ultimate parenting guide for handling this tricky balance in both daily life & sugar-loaded special occasions. Action plan, scripts for different age groups & curated lists of educational resources included! (more details below)

Monday the 15th of July, 10.00am Beirut time (will be recorded!)

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Are you wondering how to teach your kids to make eating choices that serve their health without telling them candy is bad? If you should even tell them that? How? At what age?

Wondering how to make sure their overall food intake remains adequate without forbidding certain foods or setting restrictions?

At every sugar-loaded holiday or vacation, you struggle with getting them to eat nourishing foods when things you don’t regularly offer are available all day? Sick about the stress of meals with family members who just don’t get it & crash down on all your food boundaries? Have to clue how to answer comments to your child like ‘finish your plate and I’ll give you chocolate’?

Does it feel that this brings so much stress to your days and sucks out all joy from special occasions? It doesn’t have to!

This is for you!

Over the years, I’ve managed to shape my views on this and hone down the parenting methods and language I choose to use with my own children, based on everything I’ve learned – & still learning- about the importance of maintaining a healthy and positive relationship with food, and how that along with age-appropriate education is the most effective way to raise happy eaters who adopt a healthy lifestyle by choice, even when we’re not there to direct them.

There is no manual to teach us any of that, and to be honest, there is no one absolute way. How you’ll want to handle this topic will differ from the next person depending on our own family priorities. But there are some basic guidelines that when we are mindful of, offer us a solid base to handle our unique situations in a way that works for us. This approach has been successfully tried tested by many moms within my community and their experiences incorporated into what now serves as our guide!

In this workshop I will share with you my simple and effective parenting guideline for raising happy eaters who can make their own healthy educated choices.

Here’s what we will cover:

1. What a healthy relationship with food means & why does it matter

2.  The golden guidelines for building that relationship & the biggest mistakes to avoid

3.  Language & methods to use when educating our kids (per age group)

4.  Tools that help us empower them

5.  Action plan for handling special occasions & vacations

6.  Dealing with family members

***Lots of real-life scenarios and sample scripts included**

When: Monday the 15th of July at 10.00am Beirut time

Where: Live online workshop via Zoom

How long: The workshop is for 1hr, and you’re welcome to stick around after for a live Q&A in case any of your questions wasn’t covered.

Will it be recorded? YES! The whole thing will be recorded if the time isn’t perfect for you & will be available for replay for 4 weeks.

Bonuses? Post-workshop, you will receive access to your recording, along with a list of well-curated list of my favorite resources & tools for educating kids about healthy eating, from books to videos, apps and family games.