Toddler Feeding One-on-One Bundle


One one-on-one coaching sessions designed to help you manage your specific struggles in feeding your toddler, addressing both behavioral and nutritional aspects. You will receive a plan based on your child’s history & specific family needs, and guided through implementing the changes that will help you offer your child the best chances at overcoming this tricky phase without falling into the main mistakes that get us stuck with picky eating.

First step: a free discovery call to ensure that this kind of coaching is suitable for your case (cases of severe picky eating or those that require possible medical or feeding therapy interventions aren’t for example).

Session 1: 60mins session with Rana Abou Salman, addressing the behavioral challenges and changes in the feeding environment and parenting approach

Session 2: 60mins session with Hala Sahili addressing nutritional concerns and changes in feeding schedules and food/milk intake


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