Baby High Chair Guide


Choosing the right high chair is under-rated in the baby feeding world! Having proper support in their seat as baby begins this exciting journey can make a big difference in terms of the experience they have at the table.

A supportive high chair ensures baby is safe while eating, remains comfortable long enough to actually eat, and makes access to food on the tray or table easy as he works on building his feeding skills. This can mean the difference between grumpy time at the table, or happy time at the table!

Choosing a chair can be confusing, so we’re making it real simple for you! In this guide you’ll find the most important features to look for in a high chair & the reasons why, this way you won’t be limited to specific brand recommendations, but empowered to choose the best among what’s available to you.

Bonus! If you’ve already got a chair you aren’t too sure about, the guide includes very simple DIY hacks so you could adjust whatever type of chair you have to meet the important features and offer your baby the proper positioning.

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