8 Things Your Little Toddler Can Do in the Kitchen

What can your 12-18 months old help with in the kitchen?!

Here are a few ideas! Little random things that you can involve them with as you cook & go about your daily kitchen prep.. no need for any fancy or special set-ups to get your little budding toddler involved in the kitchen & benefiting from all that this experience has to offer.

Sure it’ll add up some time to your kitchen work, and create a bit of extra mess for the clean-up (which you’ll most likely be doing anyway), and it does require some patience (what in parenting doesn’t?! 😅), but for me quite honestly it is very much worth it. If you think of it, the extra time & effort spent is less than what it would take to stress cook while a bored toddler is tugging at your leg & whining, or to think of engaging & stimulating activities to do for them or worry about spending quality bonding time together… sure you add up an extra 15mins to your kitchen time, but those extra minutes cover all of the above. Still not convinced, check out these 10 reasons that will surely convince you!

Think of it this way & get them in there!

*We were making my classic vegan creamy mushroom pasta. Cyma is 12 months old here and had been using her learning tower for a couple of weeks only. Now at 13mo she’s mastered climbing up by herself but still working on climbing down unassisted.