Let’s Talk Highchair Footrests.. And a Little Hack!

Let’s talk highchair footrests!

Proper posture and support for baby while eating is essential for 2 main reasons:

1. Comfort, and so enjoyment for mealtimes and a positive experience in the chair/at the table.. which in turn contributes to hanging around the table longer and to better eating 😉


2. Safety! A stable base allows for more focus on the act eating & supports the needed motor development for safe eating.

One of the main features you want in you’re baby’s highchair is an adjustable footrest! But If your high chair doesn’t have one, don’t fret! Here’s a little hack to still provide that needed support. Wrap any exercise band, scarf of long cloth around the legs of the chair at the needed level. You can use a thick rubber band around each leg under the cloth to stop it from slipping.


Does your chair have a footrest? Did you know it’s important?!


Watch this video to see how to DIY a footrest if you baby’s chair doesn’t have one: