One Meal for Everyone, Including Baby!


No more 3 different meals or special baby food making efforts.. One meal for the whole family!

This has got to one of (ok, I admit I’ve got many) reasons I looove baby-led weaning! When you don’t have to think of baby food as ‘special’ food requiring a separate menu, special kitchen appliances and a whole other cooking process, life as a mom, especially when you’ve got more than just the baby to feed, a lot easier, and I mean a lot!

When you think of baby food as just regular food, part of what the family’s having, then here’s what happens:

1. More than half the stress that comes along with feeding a new baby goes away. You have eternally answered the daunting question: what should baby eat! Poof! 😉

2. You save time! You aren’t cooking any extra meals. You’re sometimes serving the exact same meal on baby’s plate, other times just pulling out certain components from the family meal and serving them in a slightly adjusted manner.

3. On the longer run, you’ve got a toddler who’s used to eating whatever the family’s having. That means no special toddler or older kids meal and a different one for mom & dad. But most importantly, that means that you’ve got kids who’ve gotten accustomed to the idea of having a diverse array of ingredients, colors, textures etc.. on their plates from the very beginning, and so are a lot more likely to maintain this acceptance of a variety of foods and the willingness to try new ones.

4. When you’re eating out, at family gatherings or on vacation, you can focus a lot more on you and your baby enjoying the experience because there will almost always be food items that you can pull out from what’s on the table, so baby gets to be part & truly engaged in those special experiences & beautiful memories as they feed themselves just like everyone else, and you get to enjoy your meal and your time at the table with others as well instead of worrying about feeding the baby. You know what that also means, that means baby gets to associate eating with happy, pressure-free moments and increases her chances big time in growing into a happy eater with a healthy and positive relationship with food and the act of eating.


Am I right to absolutely love this aspect of baby-led weaning?!


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