Self-care for a 1yr Old & Enabling Independence

Self-care/self-love by a 14 months old! Here’s our little reminder to you as we all get ready for the iconic day of receiving & giving presents that the most precious gift we can offer our little ones can’t really be wrapped up & placed under the tree.. and is for free! Here is one of them! #thegiftofindependence

Cyma was offered her self-care corner a couple of weeks ago.. and here’s what it looks like for us. The idea of giving access to toddlers from the very start to do things for themselves by themselves around the house is one of the core principles in Montessori, and a self-care shelf/station is one of the ways.. it does not have to be fancy & can totally be DiYed.. we do not even have the space in our bathroom for it, but this little shelf (ikea spice rack!), a small mirror & some hooks hanged right outside the bathroom door do the job just fine!

And sure, she can’t really effectively brush her teeth nor put on her headband yet now at 14 months.. but in addition to everything listed in the video, this will allow her the opportunity to try & be able to just when she can!

Share with me your thoughts, and in what ways you think you’ll be offering independence to your child this year?! ❤️