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The Toddlers Eat online course is a must for parents with picky eating toddlers. It provided the perfect structure to implement the strategies and theories I had learned from various sources. Understanding the root cause of picky eating and realizing its commonality relieved my stress and gave me a fresh perspective. My son’s food intake doubled, and he became more open to new flavors. He now asks for a variety of foods, which is incredible. The course equipped me with practical strategies and helped me realize my son’s overall food intake was good; he just needed exposure to new foods. This understanding brought me comfort and allowed me to create a positive eating environment. I’m grateful for the tools and support the course provided—it has truly transformed our family. I highly recommend it to any parent struggling with a picky eater. Thank you for the wonderful ladies and mommies behind it! I love being part of the new community where we continue to support each other beyond the course 🙂

Noura Hashimi

Hey! I usually watch all your stories and try not to skip any cuz i feel i learn a new thing with you everyday! As for food, it helped me offer the finger food to my kids and the way of introducing it! Your recipes are great and sara7a i cant summarize all the help you give us in this msg! I just love your page❤️

Marwa Khadra

Where to first gave me plenty of meal ideas, (MY FAV basic pancakes), u helped me enjoy mealtimes after being very stressful, helped my baby have a positive relation with food. I followed all your tips on BLW and my baby eats independently now shes 1.

Nour Soueid

This workshop was a game changer! Not only did I navigate out of an extreme picky phase (which felt almost impossible to get out of) using all the little tips and tricks I learnt from the workshop but I am also much more relaxed and less stressed around meal time. I used to dread meal time – I would literally have anxiety from before I opened my eyes in the morning thinking about breakfast. Now it feels almost normal thanks to Rana and Hala’s guidance.
Before the workshop I was almost down to 5 go to safe foods – dishes now I serve my daughter whatever we have even things she has never seen before and she is happy to try and even eat it 95% of the time. All it took was 2-3 weeks to make this shift.


Hello to the dearest person behind this amazing page, I hope I will not be judjed silent for not thanking you long time ago, but I will take this opportunity to thank you as you wished!
My story with this lovely page started when my 7 month old daughter was fighting Leukemia, and I was struggeling all by myself to stay strong and fight with her, your page came as a rescue& a BIG relief for me when some days my tiny sweet baby was not accepting any type of food. I wasn’t a kitchen lover but when I saw the love and passion you put in every recipe shared, it made me passionate to try and eager to feed my baby with easy to make nutritious food& it was like MAGIC seeing her liking everything I tried, she is a healthy, survivor now who is still trying your recipes & enjoying watching her friend Cyma growing. I am forever grateful and thankful for the moment I started following you until today, your content is so informative & our parents boost for every day! God bless you& your family♡


This was the best workshop I participated in so far. Very informative and structured and it actually contains a lot of real life scenarios and tweaks we can apply to our routines that ACTUALLY make a huge difference. I really enjoyed Rana’s way of delivering her content and answering our questions : very calm, confident and non judgemental.


This workshop changed my perspective on BLW. I now understand that is is not just about offering finger foods it’s a whole experience. Rana made the information easy to understand and provided many examples and also backed her information with research and the help of a pediatric nutritionist.


Hello rana! I didn’t know about gagging before i saw it on your page so you helped me sooooo mucchhhhh to stay calm and relaxed when my baby did it the first time. Also, you’ve given me so much ideas to introduce solids to my baby boy and i was reassured that he can handle it very well all thanks to you!! I have learned a lot from you but these were the things i didn’t know i needed to learn and i can’t thank you enough ❤️❤️❤️
Ohhh and also the open cup drinking!!!!!! Wowww huge difference!

Carine Serhan

I used to feed my son pureed food with a spoon, but it caused him to be picky with his food even after six years we are still having some issues. So, when it came to feeding my daughter, I decided to try something new and went for baby-led weaning. With the guidance of our wonderful friend Rana, my one-year-old daughter now feeds herself and loves trying out different meals like stews, curries, salads, and other delicious dishes that we all enjoy as a family. We’re so happy with the results!

Maya H.

We struggled when we introduced solids to our baby. We tried following what we usually know is the way to go by introducing purees and feeding her ourselves. It didn’t feel right! She wasn’t enjoying being fed and we were getting frustrated when she wasn’t eating. I came across Rana’s page, understood more about BLW and started following her tips. I saw the immediate change in her eating “habits”. I decided to learn more about BLW and booked the consultation with Rana. The session was very helpful in explaining BLW, why it is useful, the benefits to child and parents and how easy it is! The session gave me the push I needed to try BLW fully and I felt more confident post the session to do so. Now, we share our meals with our baby, it is an enjoyable time for everyone and we no longer worry about what to feed her as she eats what we are having. I definitely recommend her sessions to parents interested in trying this approach. Thank you Rana!

Raya Haidar

Okay maybe I have so so so much to say, first of all you’ve fixed my baby’s relationship with food. You’ve given me so much support. You released all the stress I had concerning eating. You were always here to answer me and give me all the tips with much love and care. Let me tell you that your page is the only one on my new insta favorite list. Your recipes never fail, your tips and advice never fail, you are so realistic and never pretend to be perfect. I wait for your stories every single day because you and your family draw the smile on my face 🌹keep going, I and all of us know how much effort you put and we truly admire a lot. I wish you all the best Rana. I will pray for you and your family to be in good health and to stay safe and happy ❤

Joanna Ajaj

The session was not rushed at all and you took your time in explaining the fundamentals of BLW and happily answered my questions. I felt welcomed by you to address any issues regarding BLW that I needed to know more about. I got out of the session feeling much more confident to further proceed and embark on a BLW journey with baby Ray.
– The highlight was you! Yes YOU! It was very refreshing to receive this “training” from someone I consider highly credible and obviously very passionate and very well versed in the field of BLW! This in and of itself was the reason I booked with you and why I feel the session benefited me.
– The session further confirmed what I knew all along about wanting to go down the BLW route.
– I was mostly concerned about gagging/choking and you managed to dissipate my fears in that regard. You empowered me with some tips and tricks on how to handle gagging and what to look out for in the rare case it happened to be a case of choking.

Nada Saliba

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